We are so ecstatic to share all the exciting things that are coming in 2022!!!
Below is information for the following events:
  • ISCA West Elite Showcase – February 18-21, 2022, Lake Forest, CA
  • ISCA International Senior Cup – March 29 thru April 2, 2022, St. Petersburg, FL
  • ISCA East Coast Showcase Classic – April 13 thru 16, 2022, St. Petersburg, FL
  • 11th Annual ISCA Swim Coaches Summit – March 26 thru 18, 2022, Florida
  • ISCA East Coast Open Water, September 24 – 25, 2022, Smith Mountain Lake, VA
First, the ISCA West Coast Elite Showcase, hosted by Mark Shubert at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California. This event will be held February 18 – February 21, 2022, which is a Friday thru Monday, to coincide with President’s weekend, and should be fun, fast, and exciting!
Then onto our ISCA International Senior Cup, which is held March 29 thru April 2nd, in the beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida.
Shortly thereafter, we have our East Coast Elite Showcase Classic, April 13 thru April 16th, again in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida.
Save the Date for our ISCA Open Water Festival, held September 24-25, 2022! It will be a full weekend of events!! More details to follow!
But…the most exciting thing we want to announce, after having to cancel our 11th Annual ISCA Swim Coaches Summit along with our Hall of Fame Induction Dinner, we will be having our clinic leading into our ISCA International Senior Cup! The clinic will be held, starting late afternoon Saturday, March 26, 2022, and concluding Monday evening, March 28th, with our Hall of Fame Inductee Dinner. This year’s Inductees are as follows:
Don Urbancheck
Bob Steele
Steve Bultman
Maureen Sheehan
Jack Simon
Ernie Maglischo
We Need Your Team & Coaches
Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event! Come and join us for the 11th Annual ISCA Swim Coaches Summit. Let’s honor the 2021 ISCA Hall of Fame Inductees! This is your team’s opportunity to come and learn from some of the greatest Coaches and minds in this sport. This is a wonderful opportunity for your Coaching Staff that you don’t want to miss!
We are going to be honoring six great Hall of Fame Coaches! Along with that, we are going to recognize and select the Club Coach of the Year. This is a brand new award, We are calling this the ISCA Mark Schubert Club Coach of the Year! In years to come, this will be one of the biggest honors bestowed on a Club Coach.
COACHES, we would like you to join us at the ISCA Summit to honor the Hall of Fame Inductees, to look at some of latest Science research of swimming, to not just listen to, but to have face to face contact with some of the top swimming minds of the world. I guarantee that your team will do much better this upcoming season if you participate in the clinic. We need you to make it a success. Please bring your whole staff and let’s make it the best learning and fun experience we have had yet, since the pandemic.
We hope you join us for this exciting event, honoring these magnificent Inductees! The best news of all, we are going to make this affordable to every club and coach. First, any coach who has a team entered in either the West Coast or East Coast Elite Showcase and the ISCA International Senior Cup can participate for $100, which will include the Hall of Fame Inductee Dinner. Any of your assistants can join you for an additional $50/each. For any other coach or team that would like to come, it will be $150 for the first Coach (including the Hall of Fame Inductee Dinner). You can bring a second Coach for an additional $125, and why not bring your whole staff for $400!
Science/Swim Training Concepts for Proposal
The first day of the Clinic, Saturday, March 26, 2022, includes presentations by Coaches and Sports Scientists.
The ISCA conference is calling for presentation proposals by coaches and scientists that explain the application of scientific concepts to swim training and performance. The most important criterion for acceptance is that the presentation includes science-based information that a coach can immediately apply to his or her swimmers to improve performance.
Presentation options include: 
  1. Discussion of the application of a scientific concept during training with performance outcomes.
  2. Summary of research findings with strategies to implement during training.
While coaches and scientists are welcome to submit either option, it is expected that coaches are most likely to submit Option 1 and scientists are most likely to submit Option 2.
Sample topics for either format may be:
  1. Training Intensity vs. Training Distance
  2. Deliberate Practice Strategies, and
  3. Index of Coordination
To make this event a success, and for you and your coaches to learn from some of the greatest names in swimming history, we need you to participate. We would like you to bring your coaches and staff. Please take this opportunity to make swimming better by bringing your coaches and learning from the best minds swimming has been able to produce.
Please join us for a few days of learning and an exciting celebration event!
General Registration is Now Open for the
11th Annual ISCA Coaches Summit.
2022 ISCA Summit Pricing
Any Team participating in West Coast, East Coast Elite Showcase or ISCA International Senior Cup
Clinic Registration…….. $100 (includes HOF Inductee Dinner)
Hall of Fame Dinner Only…..$50.00
Whole Team Staff Registration (Non-Participating in Meets)
First Coach…….. $150
Second Coach….$125
Whole Staff……….$400
(These fees include the HOF Inductee Dinner)
Spouse of any Coach attending $50
College Students $75
Hall of Fame Induction Banquet $75 additional
For any questions regarding the clinic, please contact International Swim Coaches Association at (540) 904.2666
ISCA West Coast Elite Showcase Classic
February 18 -21, 2022
ISCA International Senior Cup
March 29 – April 2, 2022
ISCA East Elite
Showcase Classic
April 13 -16, 2022
Travel Information
Don’t Miss Out on the 3 Best Events of Early 2022!
Int Swim Coaches Assoc | (540) 904-2666 | ;| 2721 Brambleton Ave. SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

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