Water watching


Avoid distractions from cell phone use

Video ran on NBC Today show in August 2018.

Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation

Educate to eliminate drowning


Front of the Safer 3 badge

I am the designated WATER WATCHER.

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I promise I will…

Safer water:

  • Provide barriers, such as four-sided isolation fencing, to restrict access to pool or spa in the home.
  • Know the risks in open water settings such as rip currents, high surf at the beach, strong currents in rivers, etc.
  • Always look for lifeguards and only allow swimming in supervised areas.

Safer people:

  • Avoid all distractions while watching the water: no phones (except for emergency use), texting, side conversations, reading, etc.
  • Only be relieved by supervising duty by another adult water watcher.
  • Never leave children unattended in the water.
  • Continuously scan with my eyes the water’s surface and the bottom of the pool.

Safer response:

  • Call 911 and follow instructions to administer CPR and First Aid if needed
  • Know how to use available rescue equipment on hand.

Pool Safely Water Watcher

Pool safely, simple steps save lives.

I am responsible for watching children to protect them from drowning.


Drowning is Preventable!

As the designated Water Watcher:

  • I will watch the children in the pool and never leave them unattended.
  • I will regularly scan the bottom of the pool.
  • I will avoid poolside chats and talking on the phone.
  • I will keep a phone at the pool for emergency use only and know the address of the pool I am guarding.
  • I will call 911 and follow advice to administer CPR if necessary.
  • I will locate and learn to use all pool safety equipment.



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