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Teaching ONCORE splash art

This course, U CAN ONCORE, or simply ONCORE, is with both the participant and teacher content. 

Students and participants do not see the notes geared to the teachers, called facilitators. 

If you are a facilitator, notify the webmaster to set your user login status from subscriber to facilitator. 

ONCORE units with Jade's badge from a professional meeting
ONCORE with hands


This ONCORE course at this site came directly from the Australian innovator who operates the ONCORE Academy.

Founded by a former world-champion swimmer and world-record holder, Jade Edmistone, it is the culmination of a successful sporting career combined with more than 14 years of coaching across all levels -- from grassroots through to high performance. 

The ONCORE initiative is built on a solid foundation of passion, knowledge and lived experience. 

Jade, and her ONCORE Academy, is dedicated to the development of individuals, groups and organizations.

Jade is the ONCORE's owner and managing director. See Jade on LinkedIn. Jade remains at the helm of the movement, ensuring ONCORE and its benefits are felt and realized. Jade is often delivering clinics and workshops for children and adults seeking to improve their swimming. Jade is also a motivational speaker, author and performance coach.

Bio of Jade Edmistone

Jade Edmistone, an Australian Swimmer, Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker and Performance Coach, was born in Brisbane in 1982. At the age of 8, she joined her local swim club, where her natural affinity and love for the water developed.

As a late bloomer, it wasn't until the age of 16 that Jade started making headway in the sport. After the tragic loss of a close friend and her resultant battle with depression, Jade quit swimming at the age of 18.

Two years on in 2002, aged 20, Jade set her sights on becoming the fastest women in the world, and returned to the pool once again.

With exceptional focus and drive, Jade's goal was achieved when she broke her first World Record in 2004, becoming the fastest woman ever over the 50m breaststroke. Jade continued her dominance over sprint breaststroke, breaking five World Records and winning three World Titles between 2004 and 2006.

She retired from competitive swimming in 2009.

After a lengthy battle with serious mental health issues since the 2009 retirement, Jade, a mother of two daughters, had to fight her way back to health. She had a difficult transition from elite sport to 'normality' to navigate. Her story is shared in her book, Fish Out Of Water. 

Jade continues her passionate involvement with sport as an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and performance coach. Jade is available as a speaker and makes guest appearances for corporate and charity events.

The connection among Jade's efforts and that of the U CAN Swim, ISCA, Current Wave and the overall curriculum harbored here allows for greater reach and awareness into other facilities and communities.

Jade and a group of swimmers at a pool smiles for camer.

In pools all over the world, ONCORE is being used to improve body alignment, body position, core stability, core strength, and feel-and-hold of the water. 

Used by swim schools, squads, swim clubs, high performance athletes, school swimming, triathletes, recreational swimmers, fitness classes, water therapy session and home use, ONCORE is beneficial to all ages and abilities.

The mission is to build swimmers that are stronger, more efficient and faster as well as connected with the water. 

Plus, ONCORE can be used in rehab/psychological space for meditation.

The Level 1 ONCORE course takes students and prospective instructors through the basics of ONCORE. The course includes drills and practice ideas and concepts.

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