Peeking into the Swim Coach Race Pace Training Exchange on Facebook


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This course is under construction.

Possible topics:

  • Best of
  • Summary posts
  • Concept maps
  • Who is who
  • Facebook Live webinars
  • Quizzes
  • Growing the group

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Course Housekeeping

This is a free course. It costs $0 to take the course. However, ... 

This course is not open to the general public. To gain enrollment in the course and collection, everyone needs to be a confirmed member in the closed Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group on Facebook.

Furthermore, a prerequisite course, Roadmap for Swim Coaches, is expected too. To gain entry into this course a small tutorial, Roadmap for Swim Coaches, needs to be completed. The tutorial instructs fellow students how this course expectes to gain its conent and how to contribute and navigate these assets. 

Course Title, "Peeking" will be upgraded as content improves.

  • Peeking in the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group should be upgraded in due time to:
  • Highlights of the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group, or
  • Best of the the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group, or
  • Summary Archives of the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group, or
  • Whatever else might evolve.

Expected Launch date: August 1, 2020.

This site,, expects to launch in August 2020.

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