How People Choose to Move, part 1


03:43.1 - 03:46.8

remove options that they would otherwise choose. And best of all,

03:47.0 - 03:50.7

doing so doesn't require instruction. As you saw in the last example,

03:51.1 - 03:53.1

as I changed different task constraints,

03:53.6 - 03:56.7

swimmers are gonna have to swim differently, and in that case,

03:57.0 - 04:00.0

be more effective with applying propulsion with their upper body.

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Something to think about what happens when you give the exact same tasks to your

04:04.2 - 04:08.2

entire team, you get different results. And what does that mean?

04:08.2 - 04:10.9

It means that the individual acts as a constraint as well.

04:11.3 - 04:16.0

And so what the individual brings to a given task is going to influence how they

04:16.0 - 04:18.7

move. We'll talk about why that's important. Next time.

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