Being able to listen is an early sign of success.

When we are at the pool, we have plenty to say and do. The fun is enhanced when we are all on the same page and progressing in skills. The dynamic activities mean we do different things every day. This keeps it exciting.

The listening and learning is a key to the empowerment and growth. 

This listening needs to be among all the participants too. The teachers, coaches, aids and youngsters all have to be respected and heard. We all need to listen to the weather. On days when it is too cold, or on days when we listen for thunder, we have to adjust.

Swimmers in pool listen to coach.

Communication is a key to success.

Listen to the coach out of the water

The talking and focused attention begins out of the water, at the side of the pool.

Dale talks about lifeguard mission with the swimmers

Dale talks with the older swimmers and they listen too.

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