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Getting a DMLCompetition.net grant for $125K to Read.SwimISCA.org makes sense because the assembled team is huge (35 partners), prolific in past and present (hundreds of publications and tutorials exist), builds success from fertile, grass-roots participants in Pittsburgh to state-wide and national scope organizations (YMCA, JCC, Boys & Girls Clubs, First Tee, USA Swimming, Water Polo, SKWIM USA, PA Athletic Directors), and engages participants within and around the most popular activities – scholastic sports. Read.SwimISCA.org unlocks meaningful opportunities for youth employment that are reinforced by a state mandates. Instructor, umpire and lifeguarding opportunities address world-wide shortages.

Read.SwimISCA.org’s stellar connections and combinations inter-twine with both sports and technology, enriching each other. Athletes are motivated to learn computer science, geeks to physical activity. Desires for lifelong learning delivers lifelong fitness, less obesity, goal-setting and volition.

Our killer-app quality assets are built on free-and-open-source software, with optional, value-packed ($35 + $10 for its case), Raspberry Pi 3 Linux computers the size of a deck of cards. LiveCode 8 is ready for prime time. Teachers and existing tutorials are ready to help students to master animation, playbooks, cross-platform software coding, app creation, big data and chat bots.

Social implications are life-changing, life-transforming and of life-and-death. Last month 500 young men died by drowning from one region of eastern Senegal. Dave Zirin’s films (Not Just A Game; Race Power & American Sports), articles and podcasts guide discussions and compel use of teleconference skills.

Athletes, especially in urban schools, are under-served with enrichment options. Read.SwimISCA.org connects passions and popularity of sports to job paths and digital competent, literate, fluent, brilliant and genius levels.

Read.SwimISCA.org content can be wrapped with the LRNG elements and soar higher than the others.

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