Summary: Letters of Support for

Update: Scroll down to see the changes inserted at the bottom of this post. Additional letters of support arrived in May 2016 to boost efforts for the international grant, the DML Competition.

Links to 26 letters of support sent to The Sprout Fund for the Pathways and Playlist Grant in April, 2016.

Update: In May and June, 2016, with the national version of the grant, support grew to 35. 

* Pittsburgh Public Schools
* Citiparks Big Leagues & Rec Center Director at West Penn

* Venture Outdoors
* First Tee of Pittsburgh
* City of Play
 Pittsburgh Ultimate

* JCC Pittsburgh
* Pittsburgh Project
* Sarah Heinz House
* South Side Presbyterian Church
 Thelma Lovette YMCA
 Hosanna House

* Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation
* Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center

* AutoCoach
* American Water Polo
* TeamUnify
* Spider Learning
* Kay Atman, educator
* Urban Media Today
 Pittsburgh Action Against Rape with its Coaching Boys Into Men program.

* LiveCode
* LiveCode Education Outreach
* Claire & Marc Siskin, educators and LiveCode programmers in Pittsburgh (EdVista)
* PT-Helper App Author, Fred Gohh

Team, as of April 2016

Team for


Playlist for and Tech Captains badges

Play.cloh in quarters


Local Grant proposal in PDF format


National Grant – DML Competition proposal – submitted on May 13, 2016

Updates of support from May 2016

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