Our teacher taught these teachers who are now authoring educational software in LiveCode



Four women
These women are teachers who also code and make educational software with LiveCode. They were taught in a multi-week seminar by Pittsburgh educator and Read.SwimISCA.org contributor, Claire Bradin Siskin.

The four teachers in the photo from Bangladesh had just giving a report about the LiveCode project that began with the help of a Pittsburgh-based instructor, Claire. Bangladesh. World-wide relationships have been forged and the work continues to proceed online. Rewarding. Thank goodness for teachers everywhere, especially the generous ones in the LiveCode Community.

Part of the letter of support Claire delivered for Read.SwimISCA.org:

support-letter-snip-from_Claire.jpg.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 582016 11124 PM.bmp
Snip from a letter of support.

The app with Bangladesh roots was previewed in May 2016’s conference in Baltimore called TESOL. Stay tuned for its widespread release in the weeks to come.

To learn more on their past work and follow along on their progress, see http://www.edvista.com/claire/apps/brimeng.html.

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