Become Confident as you enter the Weight Room. Don't stumble with the jargon within the exercise names nor fumble on how to get them done.

Learn 50+ exercises and pick-up fun insights on how to accomplish them. 

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Take this course, Get Your Feet Wet - Exercises

One-by-one, exercise-by-exercise in its own lesson.

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Locomotion: Backwards Crawl on One’s Bottom

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Overhead Triceps Extension (exercise)

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Don't let doubt and uncertainty bog down your excitement for stepping across that threshold to increased strength and power.

Everyone needs to know the basic moves for these fundamental exercises. Simple, memorable, straight-forward and motivational. Start the journey by picking up the pointers in this course so you 

Dark weight room

Weight rooms and fitness centers do not need to feel like dark, confusing, panic-filled escape rooms, sorta like the one in the photo above. 

Different hunks of metal and cables, cams, seated cushions and oh-the-choices and places to get pinched. 

The entire landscape can chance when you are equipped with the mental image of the exercises in this course.

Get the confidence to get through the clutter -- and the noise -- oh the banging, dropping sounds of weights.

Let's squash the frustrating parts of what to do and how, with these moves.

The hard-core people in the gym are into their own workouts and are often with their ear-buds in trying to block out all others -- even your innocent questions. 

The others are not there to help you -- but -- you don't need them when you've got a purpose and can lean upon these classic weight-room exercises within the course, Get Your Feet Wet - Exercises.

Be productive and master these 50 exercises in the next few weeks, then you'll be able to build your long-term routines with a better appreciation of where to start and what to do

Sound advice for those hitting the weight room.

This online course has 50+ videos that details 50+ exercises and how to do them. The course provides the essential information for getting a strength program started with sound moves and lifts. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Come and explore these 50+ exercises. And when you find your favorites, even if they fall outside of these, speak up and tell us about them. We can put your exercises into this course and learning management system too. 

Fake Free

You don't need to fake it until you make it if you go into the season and the sessions armed with awareness of some basics.

Second guessing everything is not the best way to perform and improve.

Swimmer squad with med balls doing 2-arm curls
Ready to Lead

Teams are often calling upon its members to lead an exercise. When it is your turn, be prepared. Have a sense of some other exercises to explain, lead and perform when you are the one in the spotlight.

Sideways crunches

Course Modules

Video after video.... See the example.


Simple, fast and effective flexible move.



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