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Get your brain around the joys of swimming as we start our journey at the swim pool.

Learn about skills

Find out what you have to do first. Three words matter most.

Understand equipment

We love pool toys -- if you know how to use them. 

See the beauty when prepared

Hidden beach issues are explained in the course, as we swim at places other than the school pool.

You'll grow in confidence and you'll be eager to leave the house.

Safe places are nice, and we can make the waterways much safer when we are smarter and more aware.

Our Story

The course began as a literacy assignment that was connected to Pittsburgh Public Schools Summer Dreamers. The course was deployed on tablet computers for ten consecutive summers, helping the youngsters by connecting the pool activities to their reading skills. 

Photos and videos of the students helped to evolve the content. And, there is more room in the course to accept your images and comments. Give the lessons a peek, and then come back and make them better for those that come in later sessions and seasons.

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Mark Rauterkus, ISCA Webmaster


Mark Rauterkus

Middle School Leader at TPP


Citiparks lifeguards and VIPs at the Oliver Bath House



Teacher reaction

The students worked to figure out what was next. The entire classroom put their minds into the content. Some were so excited to finish the course that they went home to continue it. They then used their devices outside of the classroom and share with their parents and siblings.

Get You Feet Wet digital badge

Get You Feet Wet digital badge

 What you'll get 

Line up of lessons:

Computer screen with logos and people around the learning table

Advancing to the Next Steps, after U CAN Swim Fast

Planning Clipboard

Skills Checklist for U CAN Swim Fast

Shift Happens

Lesson Plan Framework and Sample Practice Plans for U CAN Swim Fast, formerly known as Stage 4

Listening and demonstrating

In our practice, there are times when the coach asks a question. It is okay to raise your hand and volunteer to demonstrate the skill being taught and practiced. Everyone should watch and learn with the demonstrations. Sometimes the demonstrations are beautiful. Sometimes they are a good effort and not yet perfected. Give them a try. Watch. Learn. Volunteer. Listen to the instructions from the coach. Stop activity. Head up. Look.

Movement qualities typically help to express emotions and convey meaning. Movement qualities are used in springboard diving. A diver's performance reflects his or her individual style. Style is influenced by personal preferences and experiences.

Diving and Jumping - Expressions

Our experiences

Case studies

Connecting our learning!

The aim is to get the students ready for the pool, as well as a host of other outcomes. Swimming is a self-aware activity. You do it on your own and for yourself. Likewise, the online learning is about personal drive and individual accountability. Success in the course can transfer to success in the swim pool too. The two can feed upon each other and heighten motivation and understanding. 


Get the students to study swimming!

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