Learning and development pointers

Pointers from LinkedIn post from Felix

- Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom, a course of study offered by CornellX, an online learning initiative of Cornell University. Instructors: Mathew L. Ouellett and Melina Ivanchikova

- Inclusive Teaching: Supporting All Students in the College Classroom, ... Columbia University in the City of New York. Instr: Amanda M. Jungels, Chandani Patel and Amanda Irvin

- Foundations for Excellence in Teaching Online, ... Arizona State University. Instr: Diane EllisonRenee M. Pilbeam, Ph.D. and Vicki Harmon

- Leaders of Learning, HarvardX - An Online Learning Initiative by Harvard University through edX. Instr: Richard Elmore
- Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects, Deep Teaching Solutions. Instr: Barbara Oakley and Terry Sejnowski

- The Teacher's Social and Emotional Learning, ... University of Colorado Boulder. Instr: Dan Liston and Randy Testa

- Learning Technologies Foundations and Applications, ... University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Instr: Wenhao David Huang

- New Learning: Principles and Patterns of Pedagogy, ... University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Instr: William Cope and Mary Kalantzis

- Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom, ... University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education. Instr: Racquel Stephens, Ed.D

- Introduction to Learning Transfer and Life Long Learning (3L), ... UC Irvine. Instr: Mike Smith and Carolyn Dare

- Resilient Teaching Through Times of Crisis and Change, ... University of Michigan. Instr: Rebecca Quintana, PhD

- Creating a Team Culture of Continuous Learning, ... University of Pennsylvania. Instr: Alan Barstow, Dana Kaminstein, Ramya Kumar and Amrita V. Subramanian

- Online education: The foundations of online teaching, ... Macquarie University. Instr: Iain Hay, Billy Bruce and Jada Bennett

- Learning How To Learn for Youth, ... Arizona State University. Instr: Barbara OakleyTerry Sejnowski and Greg Hammons

- Exploring Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning and Success, ... The State University of New York. Instr: Roberta (Robin) Sullivan and Cherie Van Putten

- Diversity and Inclusion in Education, ... University of Glasgow. Instr: Ines Alves

- Training and Learning Online, ... University of Leeds. Instr: Neil Morris

- Online teaching: Using Zoom to connect with learners, ... Macquarie University. Instr: Ian Hay, Billy Bruce and Jada Bennett

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