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Creative Programming with 99 Special Events Tips for Summer Pool Managers & Country Clubs

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U CAN Swim Fast

The U CAN Swim Fast course is far more technical than the levels of Dolphins, Super Dolphins and Stages. The course can bridge youngsters to head for the competitive, age group swim team. And, the course can help swimmers already on the team sharpen all of their skills -- as there are 105 in the skills checklist for this course.

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Get Your Feet Wet – Exercises

New. Get basic weight training knowledge that will improve your awareness of physical fitness, personal health, conditioning and strength training. Each exercise includes a video that explains what to do and what not to do.

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U CAN Yoga

Introductory Price now in effect. Get more than 10 text-based lessons and more than 10 video routines. Each video routine plays for around 20-minutes. Project the routine for a team or class to follow. Or, with self-study, learn to do the routine and lead it for others.

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U CAN Teach

U CAN Teach is for anyone who teaches or wants to teach swimming. It's a terrific resource for those who want to obtain certification from Swimming/ Natation Canada (SNC).

Aquatics for Life

Aquatics for Life

Aquatics for Life is a course for adults as part of the series called Lifespan Aquatics Programming.

Bob Steele video

Bob Steele’s Open Course for Swimming Coaches

Coach Bob Steele, now retired from day-to-day coaching, was an inductee into the International Swimming Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2022. Here are some of his videos.

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The Upgrade Course is for those who already have or have had certifications in the past from CurrentWave, Royal Life, Red Cross, ISCA or other recognized entity.

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Coaching Volleyball

Volleyball, a world-wide sports, happens in school and at the beach.

Age group swimmers

Being Legal in Swim Events – Officials and DQs

How to be a swim official videos from USA Swimming.

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Water Polo

Get insights into the oldest Olympic team sport, the great game of water polo.

Popov vs Klim

Races (and Events) of History

Certain races from history were so epic, that they need to be revisited by the younger swimmers of today. Remember when ... Let's go old school. Let's cherish the history and the striving, and keep learning its lessons.

Water Safety Jam Sessions

Water Safety Jam & Lessons from the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium

Materials from the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium are pulled into a mini-course with heavy insights into how to survive in the Great Lakes, and elsewhere.


Global Library for ISCA Members

Dive into a collection of more than 200 lessons that offer swim coaches valuable perspective from decades of experience as well as cutting edge advances and scientific insights. The experience of the Global Library for ISCA Members is a benefit of membership, costing $75 per year.

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Renegades Guards

Efforts for teaching lifeguards and even on the job training.

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