TISCA Extras


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Extra goodies from the TISCA events and clinics.

You can print your certificate of attendance within this course. The certificate process generates a PDF that you can save and/or print to claim continuing education (CEUs) for professional development. The certificate follows a one-question quiz.

You must be logged into this site to take the course and generate your personalized certificate. Login button is in the top right corner.

Forgotten passwords are no problem. The server can issue another password with your email. Or, simply register to the site. 

  • Those that paid for the TISCA Clinic with a credit card established an account here at Read.SwimISCA.org with their previous credit card transaction. 
  • Those that gained access to the TISCA Clinic by way of a school district purchase order need to register at this site to get a username and password. Login. It is free.

The TISCA Extras course is free. However, site registration and enrollment are required in order to access the content.


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