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Learn about teaching swimming within the U CAN Swim system.

Students and candidates who hope to teach swimming in the U CAN Swim program take this course as "subscribers."

  • Admission to the course is not free. 
  • You must login to view the content. The login button is located at the top right corner of the site.
  • Your course progress is preserved. So, if you take a break, when you resume, you'll return to the same spot in the course. Even if you take part of the course on one device, and then use a different computer later, because you logged in, you're able to return to the correct spot.

Teachers who help to lead this course and teach the future teachers are designated as "facilitators." 

  • Both subscribers and facilitators login to this website to interact with course content.
  • Facilitators are presented with extra materials within the course. Learning objectives, talking points and other tips are visible to Facilitators and reside in yellow boxes.

If you are teaching this course, be certain that you're with a facilitator's profile.

  • Program administrators and webmasters can set user profiles. If your designation is not correct, contact us,  and it will be fixed. 
  • 412-298-3432
  • 540-792-2020

Facilitator's Tip:

  • This yellow box is only visible to those within the course who are set as a  Facilitator. 
  • Students do NOT see these boxes.

Time Devotion

  • Version 1.0, eight to ten hours
  • The 10-to-14-hour course helps teachers understand the goals and aim of U CAN Swim, especially the learn-to-swim elements from babies to adults. Learn how to teach within the program.
  • Expect three to four hours of time in in the pool. 
  • Classroom time takes six-to-eight hours.
  • The online version of the course is new in 2022.


The Upgrade Course provides candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, deliver and facilitate the lessons and classes in accordance with the standards of The Swim Academy, U CAN Swim and ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming.


  • Water Safety Instructor or NCCP Swimming Teacher or YMCA Instructor or Lifesaving Society Instructor Certification or other National Recognized Swimming Teaching credential.
  • Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross award, if in Canada.


  • Upgrade manual
  • Skills manual
  • Laminated skills grid
  • Membership within Canadian swim Coaches & Teachers Association, if in Canada, or ISCA's Lifespan Aquatics Programming.


  • This Upgrade Course is for those who have already passed and have been trained as swim instructors by a nationally recognized agency, such has Red Cross, YMCA, Royal Life. 
  • The course is useful for owners of the program.
  • Take the Upgrade Course and those who are already certified instructors, coaches, teachers and lifeguards do not need to retake everything.

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