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Let's get technical, with more than 100 skills in the checklist.

It is great to be able to swim. But competitive swimming rewards the speedy. 

This course is well suited for those wishing to explore the competitive swim team experience, yet not make a 12-month, year-round commitment. 

Likewise, this course is well suited for those who have jumped onto the swim team but need some extra attention to strokes, turns and starts. 

We use video frequently too! 

U CAN Swim Fast is a course to assist swim instructors and swim coaches with an aim of getting swimmers onto the swimming teams and local swim clubs. 

The course covers loads of topics, as shown here. For swimming teachers and junior coaches, this course should follow the Upgrade course.

  • This course could be called, Effective Swimming for Youth and Young Adults
  • Another possible course name that would be well suited is, Junior Coaches Introduction Course.

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