Put sharper focus into your aquatic programming leadership.

The Assessors' Toolbox online course makes for special stewardship.

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Become a Master Swim Instructor Assessor

Ensure your swim instructors deliver top-quality lessons with the Assessors' Toolbox online course

Designed specifically for swimming lesson supervisors and managers, this course provides the complete skillset to monitor, evaluate, and enhance instruction at your facility.

You'll learn:
  • Observation and assessment techniques to identify exceptional and underperforming instructors
  • How to provide constructive feedback to improve instructor competence
  • Tools to gauge student engagement, lesson plans, and skill development
  • Methods to track student progress and test for level advancement
  • Communication best practices for instructors, students, and parents
  • Administrative and documentation skills to bolster lesson quality
  • Strategies for ongoing training and upgrading instructor skills

The Assessors' Toolbox course gives you the ability to standardized swimming instruction across all your programs and classes. With the right oversight, you and your staff can achieve teaching excellence.

Join with the other in the network of supervisors who have benefited from this essential process as part of the training experience for swimming instructors and assessors.

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Elevate your oversight and take your instructors to the next level with the Assessors' Toolbox today!
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