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Absorb the wisdom in the Global Library for ISCA Members.  

International Swim Coaches Association's special offer -- a community counterattack in the time of Covid.

You can become a member of ISCS, from now until March 1, 2021, as part of this promotion. Pay $25, or use a special coupon code provided to you from a coaching friend and then the cost becomes $0. 

  • Generous coaches are working with ISCA to enable the enrollment of their peers to extend educational-engagement opportunities.
  • Explore the 200+ lessons within the new Global Library for ISCA Members.

You'll want to become an ISCA Member at this time because:

  1. Covid-19 is terrible.
  2. Too many are on lockdown and can't practice nor compete. So time exists for self-paced study of technical swimming content.
  3. Connections within swimming networks can be better engaged at this time. Some other coach gave you this opportunity by pointing your to this webpage, purchasing the coupon code and giving it to you.
    Send him or her a thank-you message. Engage with other coaches on your squad, within the profession, and allow the learning management system to stimulate discussions.
  4. The Global Library for ISCA Members has expanded to include 200+ lessons. Check it out. Do a deep dive into its insights.

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  • Contact information establishes your membership to the International Swim Coaches Association from now to March 1, 2021.
  • After entering your coupon code (located in the field just below payment info) the price goes to $0.
  • Check the box with the terms.
  • After you click the SUBMIT PAYMENT button, you'll be able to login to the Global Library for ISCA Members
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Deck Entry for Counterattack - ISCA Membership to March 1, 2021 $25.00

I understand that the special SALES offer for ISCA’s Counterattack Membership, expires on January 9, 2021.

I understand that additional staff members can NOT be added after January 9, 2021.

I understand that the ISCA Counterattack Membership with access to the Global Library for ISCA Members, is valid to March 1, 2021.