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Lots of the content at is harbored in a fee-based, Learning Management System. 

Read, reflect upon and discuss among a vast set of resources compiled for swim coaches.

These lessons can help coaches advance their careers, teams, study-of-science and our swim and aquatic profession.

Improvements are still unfolding.

  • The Global Library for ISCA Member began with articles and video from many of ISCA's advisors.
  • Get applied perspective from decades of experience as well as cutting edge advances.
  • Launched, September 2020.
  • More than 300+ lessons and topics are available in this resource.

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Various pathways for access to the Global Library of ISCA:

Option, pay $310, Lifetime access


Purchase long-term access to all the resources at, including the Global Library. Get your username for the collection with a one-time payment. Approximate cost is less than $1 per lesson.

As new courses and new lessons arrive, you'll get them too.



Members in the International Swim Coaches Association get access to the Global Library when joining. Annual membership, $75, gives 12 months of access.

Membership Specials


Short term membership options are promoted now and then with special populations, target areas and co-sponsors.

Lend your insights too!

  • Assistance is desired for better organization and reviews for the pathways to navigate these digital elements.
  • Create a quiz.
  • Champion a topic area.
  • Offer reflections on specific posts in the comments.
  • Find some better illustrations or create them on your own too.

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