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Read, reflect upon and discuss among a vast set of resources compiled for swim coaches.

These lessons can help coaches advance their careers, teams, study-of-science and our swim and aquatic profession.

Pending improvements

  • The Global Library for ISCA Member began with articles and video from many of ISCA's advisors.
  • Get applied perspective from decades of experience as well as cutting edge advances.
  • This site is opening to a select group of advance readers in August, 2020.
  • Public launch is September 2020.
  • An additional 50 lessons are joining the 200+ already available in the hours and days to come.

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Choose your pathway to access to the Global Library of ISCA:

Option, pay $310


Purchase a username for the collection of resources with a one-time payment. Approximate cost is about $1 per lesson.



Members in the International Swim Coaches Association get access to the Global Library when joining. Annual membership, $75, gives 12 months of access.

Upsell with another Purchase


Customers who purchase the ISCA edition of the USRPT ebook and course, A High School Season, a 14-week primer for Swim Coaches, are presented with an upsell option. Join ISCA and get access to the Global Library for an additional $50.

Lend your insights too!

  • Assistance is desired for better organization and reviews for the pathways to navigate these digital elements.
  • Create a quiz.
  • Champion a topic area.
  • Offer reflections on specific posts in the comments.
  • Find some better illustrations or create them on your own too.

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