Opening races from Paul


Covid's Homework 

In the season of Covid-19, when teams could not meet nor get into the water for regular practices, Paul S had a plan. He passed along this list of great races of history. His team and its coaches would watch a race every week and break it down. Who was who? What was happening in the pool, and out of the water. They had some interesting conversations and were able to keep the swimmers' heads in the game, without being at the pool. 

We can build upon this list and build our own lessons.

The First List included these races:

03/22/2020Mens 400 Freestyle-1976 Olympic TrialsHistorical Race Video
03/30/2020Mens 100m Backstroke-1988 Olympics Historical Race Video
03/30/2020Mens 800m Track-1972 OympicsHistorical Race Video
04/05/2020Mens 4×100 Freestyle Relay- 2008 OlympicsHistorical Race Video
04/12/2020Women’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay (1976)Historical Race Video
04/19/2020Men’s 1961 220 Yard Butterfly (AAU Nationals)Historical Race Video
04/27/2020Women’s 2012 800 Meter FreestyleHistorical Race Video
05/03/2020Men’s 200m Breaststroke – 1936 OlympicsHistorical Race Video
05/10/2020Women’s 400m Freestyle – 1988 OlympicsHistorical Race Video
05/17/2020Women’s 100 Yard Freestyle – 2015 NCAAHistorical Race Video
05/24/2020Women’s 100m Breaststroke – 1996 OlympicsHistorical Race Video
05/31/2020Men’s 200m Butterfly – 2000 OlympicsHistorical Race Video

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