Digital Badge Basics, refresher from Credley


Badge basics:

The global workforce, including for coaches and lifeguards, is facing a serious talent shortage. With the emergence of new and rapidly-evolving technology, workers at all levels need new skills to meet the workforce demands.

Fifty-one-percent of industry executives cite finding appropriately skilled workers in local labor markets as the greatest challenge related to skills. 
And, 71% of corporate recruiters indicated they cannot find applicants with sufficient practical experience.

IBM made a business decision to create a digital badging program to foster employee skill progression.

IBM has embraced digital badges. So too can we, the leaders in the aquatic and recreational realms.

Our interactions with youngsters can help to establish similar trajectories in program adoption outcomes. IBM aims to leverage digital badges to create programmers, systems analysts and more savvy customers. Likewise, digital badges can be leveraged to create insightful coaches and swim instructors who raise responsible and knowledgeable lifeguards and supervisors.

IBM and this venture and use digital badges to boost experiences for individuals as they evolve their workforce pursuits. 

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