Impact of Covid on grassroots sports



Grassroots sports, the local implementation of a variety of sporting types, are the backbone and feedstock of all of the major sporting venues and organisations throughout the world. The ongoing pandemic is hitting grassroots sports hard, exacerbating inequalities with regard to access to sports activities, both on the ground and online. This multicentric collective case study presents an in-depth exploration of the social impact of COVID-19, learning from the experience of four grassroots sports organisations in Australia, India, South Africa, and Spain. The case study recounts experiences from a constantly changing and challenging scenario and provides examples of what these grassroots sports organisations have done to navigate, recover and even thrive out of their national emergencies amidst a global pandemic. The study exposed a real diversity of actions with differential outcomes for people from various socioeconomic backgrounds. Practical implications for grassroots programmes during times of unprecedented challenge and notable turning points are
highlighted. Compliance with policies and strict protocols has, perhaps, forever, changed how children, young people, and adults engage in grassroots sports.

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