New Team, New Coach, New Survey — Getting to know each of you better.

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Swimmer & Diver & Booster Homework

Survey for the benefit of the new coaching staff

Hi Team and Boosters!


To help us better help you, we need to know you better. Insights into your background, habits, thoughts, goals, environment, competitive sports history, and such are valued. This is a tool to help us get to know you better.

This requested assignment is for completion by each and everyone of you. The athletes fill out a form, and I'd love to have each of the parents/guardians/boosters fill out his/her own survey too. Sure, parents and athletes can reveal answers to each other freely.

Tell us everything you care to share, and nothing you care to keep secret. Do NOT tell me private things that you do NOT want revealed. This is team building info -- and our team of supporters stretches far and wide. Of course we'll be sensible with the info, but it is your job to put your best foot forward, put your name with your remarks, and stand by your words. But, don't go out onto thin ice. Avoid embarrassment. So, anything that you would regret saying to a group of strangers should NOT be said here.

Some questions may not apply to you. Skipping questions is okay. You can reply, "N.A." for "no answer" if you want.

This is casual homework. It isn't an essay that needs to go onto a college application. Let your feelings show -- be clear -- be informal. Just get us the info so we can digest it.

Put your replies to these questions onto separate sheets of paper when it makes sense to do so. Put your NAME onto EVERY page of paper, as we will split up the questions. If paper, bind the pages together with staples and/or paper-clips, nothing else.

Replies can be emailed to me. Email: _____.

Tip: Please, do NOT send me a document attachment with your email. I might not be able to open the message to read your info. Rather, send the contents of the message into the body of the email -- or multiple emails.

It is okay to submit this info to me in stages or as chunks over time. It all does not need to be completed in one sitting. Turn in some questions now, some questions later.

The coaching staff will grow the question list. In due time, expect that the coaching staff will do the same assignment. We will make our replies know to you as well.


1. Contact Info:

Name, nickname, phone numbers, email address, street address.
Contacts in case of emergency.

2. Family Info:

Household includes, relationships, their backgrounds as helpful to this team.

3. Academic Info:

Grade(s)/GPA, major, favorite courses, schools attended - dates. Favorite teachers, courseware challenges this year include. Future study aspirations, college choices.

4. Professional / Work / Employment stuff:

Present jobs, past jobs. Aquatic interests and experiences (life guarding/swim-lesson teaching) Future ambitions Skills of technology mastered at work include: People skills to your credit:

5. Swim & Dive Team experiences:

Other swim/dive team associations.

Personal History of swim times: event, date, conditions, best times, taper, history.

History of swim team involvement, months, teams, coaches.

Ways you've helped the team in the past that you'll repeat this year -- and expand upon include: Past camps, clinics, etc.

6. Sports Experiences - beyond swimming:

Other sports team associations. Personal History of other sports & personal highlights Best other coaches include: Ways you've helped the area teams the past that you'll repeat this year -- and expand upon include: Past camps, clinics, etc. that are worthy of mentions.

7. Pondering Question: What is sports?

8. Pondering Question: What is your #1 wish for your kids' kids?

9. Pondering Question: Why swimming? Why do you swim?

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