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MAY 19, 20 & 21, 2023



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Sponsored by: Susan Davis, Jill Greenleaf & ISCA

Dr. Ernie Maglischo’s research and writing is what sets him apart in the coaching community.


  1. In 1983, Maglischo authored Swimming Faster. As the great George Haines said, “There have been many swimming books written in recent years, but not have so elegantly illustrated the connections between theory and practice.”
  2. His next book in 1993, Swimming Even Faster, continued the magnificent learning trail for professional swim coaches.
  3. Maglischo finished the trilogy with the 2003 release of his 800-page magnum opus, Swimming Fastest.


Dr. Ernie Maglischo has coached swimming for 30 years on the college and age group levels.Maglischo’s incredible coaching career includes 13 national championships at three different institutions and six NCAA Division II Coach of the Year honors.


Maglischo’s established a career coaching record of 173-61 and his teams have won 13 NCAA Division II or Division III National Championships. His team have won NCAA championships at three different universities, making him the only coach ever to do so. Maglischo’s teams have also won 19 conference championships at three different universities.

The Methodology for Balanced Training 

Fri. May 19th 9am to noon and 1:30-5pm ($99 with clinic registration/$149 without)


 Spend the day with Ernie Maglischo (PhD), Author of “Swimming Faster” & “Swimming Fastest”. Ernie is well known and respected for his scientific research as it applies to the sport of swimming. The basis of the class is training for optimal performance.


He will cover in layman’s terms the following:


1. Understanding the proper use of energy zones


2. The periodization of a season


3. What is cycle training & how to apply it to workouts


4. The Proper Balance of anaerobic & aerobic training.

Some of the speakers include:

Jack Bauerle


Jack Bauerle: Head Olympic Coach ‘08, Asst. Coach ’20, ’16, &’00, and Former Head Coach and the University of Georgia Men & Women

Ian Murray: Head Coach Dynamo Swim Club

Gregg Troy: Olympic Head Coach ‘12, Olympic Asst. Coach ‘08 & ‘96, Former Head Coach Florida Men & Women

Kate Lundsten: Head Coach Minnesota Aquajets & Coach of Olympian Rachel Bootsma

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In addition to ten outstanding talks listed in the Clinic Schedule, during the morning pool sessions Elizabeth Beisel and Cullen Jones will work on stroke drills with the swimmers. Coaches have the opportunity to ask stroke related questions at the Saturday afternoon pool session when you observe Bauerle and Murray with Beisel and Jones demonstrating drills.



The 2023 Trade Fair will be an extensive display of swimming equipment provided by local & national distributors including A3, Agon, D&J Sports, Elsmore, Finis, Fitter & Faster, IST, One, Total Performance & Swim Outlet. Together they will have for your perusal the latest suits & swim products, the newest innovations in timing systems, training aids, & equipment. 

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