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Privacy Points from the Webmaster

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Hi! Welcome to the course, Mental Skills for Young Athletes at the Learning Management System, operated in conjunction with the International Swim Coaches Association.

  • I'm the webmaster, and my name is Mark Rauterkus. I live in Pittsburgh.
I wanted to talk about privacy.

Don't share things that shouldn't be shared. Keep guarded. A lot of these questions are such that it makes you think about yourself and then you can just type okay, and nothing else.

Write your answers in your head or write your answers on a notepad or a piece of paper. But don't be posting things online that shouldn't be out there.

Furthermore, what you might be thinking about today could change tonight or to next week or in the months to come. So there's not a right and wrong answer.

  • A weakness today might be a weapon for you for tomorrow. We understand that.

It is important that we ask these questions and the kids get to contemplate these things and even do some role playing and acting out.

Parents, you're also invited. 

Guardians, get a password. Come explore this with your kid. Maybe they could do it with you, that would be awesome. You could do a chapter together on your own and then compare notes.

Coaches, we want you to share these with your team broadly, but we don't need to have a lot of dirty laundry, littering all of the online world with experiences coming back to haunt you later.

It's okay to just skip through these questions when it comes to the online presence, but think about them yourself. 

So if you have any questions, call me. My numbers are on the website, or email me. Or go to your coach or your guardians or some professional.

We do want the kids to know that there's a big set of skills that can be applied, that can help them in their sports and help them in the rest of their lives.

On all good intentions, whack at it. 

This is a course that you'll be able to access for three years. At the end of three years, your data is going to be erased. And, if you wanna do it again, you just sign up again.

Go for it.

Points on Privacy

You've already clicked and agreed to  the terms and conditions of this web site and its course before getting here, but let's be prudent about privacy before jumping into the course and experiences to come. 

Personal matters are contemplated here.

  • Contemplate means look thoughtfully for a long time at.

Goals, strengths, weaknesses, opinions from your coaches and a long list of thoughtful challenges are enclosed in this process. Introspection, feelings, dealing with anger and buckets of emotions are part of sports, part of growing up and part of  the struggles to improve. Simply put, if you don't want to deal with the mental skills, then this course is not for you. 

Things change.

What was true today, might be much different tonight, next week and next month. Weaknesses can be turned to strengths. We can re-visit the course and its quizzes. Nothing gets etched into stone here. 

Right and Wrong answers exist for some questions, but not for all of them.

Points made about literacy and vocabulary have universal meanings. Those items can be put into a quiz and graded. Do you know what a veranda is? You may learn some things here. Pay attention as it might be in a quiz at the end of the lesson. But, no worries. If you get only a couple of points on the quiz, you'll still be able to advance. There are no grades. 

Be Guarded.

Think about your answers, but for goodness sakes, don't blab online. Global comments can be accepted here. Did you see a typo, then make a note. If you have something to offer that isn't hurtful, insulting -- okay. Type away. 

  • Money and Financial Data is NOT to be shared and isn't part of the experience within the course.
  • Passwords are NOT to be shared. 
  • Don't post people's names, yours nor that of others.
  • Don't answer questions with the online quizzes that make you feel weird nor bad. Skip over them. Talk with a parent or guardian when in doubt.
  • When and if you need help, do it in an email or phone call, not a blog or a comment on quiz in course.

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