Jessica Hardy, USA, sprinter in BREAST & FREE


Hardy's Olympic Gold in 50 Breast 

Hardy swims 50m Free in Olympics

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Interview / Podcast

Olympic gold medalist Jessica Hardy sat down with Brett to discuss her illustrious swimming career.

Jessica, who won gold as part of the 4x100m medley relay at the 2012 London Olympics, shared many valuable lessons from her two decades as an elite swimmer.

Some key takeaways from the interview include Jessica recognizing her natural sprint ability from a young age, even though she often struggled with the distance-focused training in her early age group years. It wasn't until moving clubs in high school that she began to thrive with a more sprint-oriented approach.

Jessica discusses the challenges of competing at the collegiate level and making her first Olympic team in 2008, only to later be suspended after testing positive for a banned substance found to have been accidentally ingested.

She showed incredible perseverance in overcoming this setback, spending over $500k to prove her innocence and clear her name. She went on to have a successful professional career culminating in her gold medal performance at London 2012. She provides useful advice for swimmers preparing for trials, from focusing on technique work to trusting their training and enjoying the competition.

Fans can learn more about Jessica's journey by reading her book, which details how she turned her struggles into wisdom. The insightful conversation offered a fascinating look into one of America's greatest sprinters and her path to Olympic glory! 

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