Build a boat. Anything that floats. Lessons for the campers.

Shipbuilding: A long-term activity with plenty of creativity and educational opportunities.

Once again The Pittsburgh Project had an amazing time collaborating with our great friends from Pittsburgh Science Workshop at their summer camp.

Students had a blast building boats all summer that they got to test out in Schenly Park pool!

Dr. Fox and the Science Workshop always does an amazing job getting kids to interact with science in new and innovative ways.

Cardboard Boat Regatta poster

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  • Steve Busch posted an experience at the book of faces that read:
    As a PE/aquatics teacher/swimming coach I once helped coordinate a unit with swimming, ELA and Art. The primary school students read the Curious George book about folding newspapers he was supposed to deliver. They read the story in ELA and folded wax paper origami boats in art class. They brought their paper boats to swimming for a test float! Smiling faces…a rising tide lifts all boats! BTW the HS PE classes were the instructors. Many a HS student ‘grew up’ during that unit, as they learned to accept responsibility. 👍

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