Beginning Skills: Close your lips and get wet!


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First order: “Close your lips.” Second: “Hug the kick board.” The kickboard is your friend. Hug it close to your body with both hands and arms. No space should be between the board and the body. Hug the board and float with the face up on the back and with the face down on the belly. Third order, “Roll!” Twist from Belly -> Back -> Belly!
Swimmer is going a good job holding onto the kickboard with a big hug. However, the lips are open. It is not good if others can see the teeth. Water gets into the mouth when the lips are open. CLOSE YOUR LIPS.
Swimmers hugs the kickboard and puts head and face into the water. The head can go lower into the water so that the body can better float like a boat.
Swimmer has a great hug of the kickboard. When on the back, the swimmer can take a breath. Swimmer has a nice body position on top of the water from knees to ears. Head could lay back a little bit more.
When the belly is down, the face should be under the water.
Roll, but try not to TWIST too much. The body can stay STRAIGHT. To spin in the water, drop one side’s shoulder, elbow, and hip. Meanwhile, bring up the other side’s shoulder and hip.
Hug the kickboard. Doing a gentle kick is good. Getting a push from the teacher helps to move through the water too. Hey fellow, try not to stand in the middle of the pool. We’re here going back and forth, floating and swimming.
Hold the board, not your nose. Get set by putting the goggles in place, over the eyes, not the forehead. Try again and again.

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