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Get You Feet Wet - Swimming's digital badge is earned as a credential for those who finish this course. Average time to completion for a middle-school student is between 60 and 300 minutes.


Course, Get Your Feet Wet – Swimming, explains plenty of terms and insights. Explore concepts from the pool-side and elsewhere to become more safe, more skilled and more prepared for fun in and around the water.

History of Get Your Feet Wet – Swimming

  • Viable since 2016 at with Summer Dreamers
  • For The Pittsburgh Project in summer 2018
  • Was to head to the Allegheny County free swim lessons in 2020, but then came Covid-19.
  • Migrated and shared among others with ISCA’s new library,
  • Summer Dreamer’s 2020 with its cyber-only camp, SKWIM & Water Polo
  • Ready for Diversity and Inclusion and other aquatic professionals around the world.
  • Ready for inclusion in the curriculum, U CAN Swim, as a technology and literacy elements of LAP modules All City (County) Sports Camp and Swimming School Lessons

Inserting Art

  • One aim is to continually freshen the visual images within the course with photos and illustrations from your students and instructors. New artwork contributions, assignments and challenges can be included into the lessons and activities and those elements can be inserted into the pages of this course. 
  • Today's participants can be a part of the future learning for others in the days and years to come.
  • If you have areas where you'd like to expand this course, feel free to contact,

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