Motor Learning and Treading


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A familiar slogan that many people say:

“Practice makes perfect.”

Sorry. That is not true. Practice does not make perfect. Rather, swimmers and coaches know this updated slogan.

“Perfect practice makes perfect.”

When practices happen and mistakes are constantly made, seemingly by design, then the athletes and the team is forming bad habits. Bad habits are hard to break. It is far better to start with good habits and good technique and always strive to improve performances without getting sloppy.

Treading Water

Swimmers generally need to learn how to tread water to pass the deep water test. Learning to tread water helps in playing SKWIM and water polo. To be a lifeguard, one must be able to tread for 2-minutes without the use of the hands. In the lifeguard test, the hands are held up in the air or else must be put under one’s arm pits.

Treading for your life

Consider the story of the women from England who was on vacation on a cruise ship off the coast of Italy and fell off of the back of the upper deck and needed to tread water for 10-hours.

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